Do you get an intense feeling of panic accompanied by physical sensations or does this sound familiar?

“It happens out of the blue with no particular reason and it’s so frightening. I start feeling butterflies in my stomach and often want to get to the toilet very quickly. I feel sick, start getting hot and sweating, my hands start shaking and my legs become like jelly and my heart starts racing, it always seems as if I am having a panic attack. When it happens I find something to hold on or sit down if possible. I avoid going out of the house just in case it happens when there is no one to help me. I am scared to use public transport and if I use it I have to go with someone”

Those are typical physical sensations, thoughts and behaviours of someone who experiences panic attacks. While experiences differ and so are the avoidance plus safety behaviours the experience is always intense, frightening and lasts longer. In this workshop you will gain an understanding of a panic attack and learn skills on how to manage it.