This workshop runs for Half-a-Day and is On-going

“I have difficulties accomplishing my tasks and always seem to be in a crisis in my life. I never make a decision and keep in worrying about everything. I worry about what I am going to do before I even get there. I worry about how I presented myself after the event. I keep forgetting things moreover, I have 101 things to do at once. I am not getting anywhere “

That a typical experience of someone who is stressed and worried. When one is in such a mindset they feel that overwhelmed which interferes with their daily functioning. In this workshop, you will learn strategies on how to manage to worry and the symptoms of stress.


Participants are limited to a maximum of 10 to maximize therapeutic outcomes 

This workshop runs on weekdays and Saturdays 

For more details email info@sarahealth or Call 0203 488 3538 or 079 0254 0020