This workshop runs for Half-a-Day and is On-going

We all worry about our health from time to time however, if you find yourself with many troublesome worries about your health then you may be suffering from health anxiety

Do you worry that you are getting symptoms that may be a sign of something serious that the doctors are not finding out?
Are you always at your doctor’s surgery? Has your doctor carried out tests and found nothing to worry about?
Do you feel that you must keep checking to for symptoms of the feared illness?
Do you get physical symptoms that tend to confirm that you have a serious health problem?
Are your health worries getting in the way of your normal life even though doctors have told you that there is nothing to worry about?
Do you seek comfort or reassurance from others?

If you answered yes the above questions, then you might be suffering from health anxiety. In this workshop you will get a better understanding of health anxiety, what maintains it and how you can help yourself to address it.

Participants are limited to a maximum of 10 to maximize therapeutic outcomes 

 This workshop run on weekdays and Saturdays 

For more details: email info@sarahealth or Call 0203 488 3538 or 079 0254 0020