This workshop runs for Half-a-Day and is On-going

Society anxiety is one of the common sorts of anxiety and may have adverse effects on people’s relationships, career and life in general.

Thoughts of a person with social anxiety:

“I am scared of meeting new people and fearful of going to places where I may have to talk to them. I always pre-plan my journey and make sure that I have enough information before I leave home. I always plan on what I am going to say or do so that I don’t seem stupid or make a fool of myself”

“I dread contributing in a meeting at work. I feel hot and flush up. I am fearful that I will come across as incompetent. I know that is not true but I can’t help it. No one else seems to have such difficulty and I believe something is wrong with me. I keep thinking about how I came across in the meeting and what other people think about me”

People who suffer from social anxiety believe that others will think badly of them and will judge them. They think that they are being watched closely and want to come across in a certain way. They also believe that they are not good enough. In this workshop, you will understand social anxiety, factors that maintain it and learn how you can address them.

Participants are limited to a maximum of 10 to maximize therapeutic outcomes 

This workshop runs on weekdays and Saturdays 

For more details email info@sarahealth or Call 0203 488 3538 or 079 0254 0020